About Me

&Let me introduce myself :

Heeeey! My name is Judith Kohlheim. I am a 33 year old wife to the man of my dreams! Together, we are blessed to have the most amazing little girl (Madison Marie) to keep us on our toes! I am also the founder and creator of Keto 4 The Soul on all social media platforms as well as Keto Cake Bakes & More. I truly LOVE the woman I am becoming and cannot wait to see what 2021 has in store!

In August 2019, I started my Ketogenic lifestyle. I began my journey very unsure, but quickly learned how great this lifestyle really was. I then created a self-accountability Instagram page using the name Keto4thesoul_. This was a page that I purposely did not share with close friends or family due to dealing with self-shame. In fear of accountability. 

Once the weight started coming off and my mind set started shifting, I started feeling more comfortable. Soon everyone started asking “What are you doing, and how do I start!” I then started K4TS Facebook support group. This group not only helped others but once again it helped hold me accountable. I began posting daily and truly found a passion for helping others become healthy, mentally and physically.

Fast forward to December 2020. I got invited to a new social media platform, Clubhouse. I immediately went searching for any clubs pertaining to keto and there were NONE!! I was shocked. I decided to put myself out there and applied for my own club. Keto 4 The Soul was approved January 2021. I soon learned that this was in fact the very first keto support club! I quickly started meeting like-minded people and the rest is history!

History of Keto 4 The Soul :

I created Keto 4 The Soul as a safe place and community where people who are currently on keto, wanting to try keto or just curious about keto could come and be inspired by not only my keto journey but other keto experts that we host in the rooms.

Keto 4 The Soul is for that person who needs accountability and a strong support system. Whether you are just starting keto or have been doing keto for a while, I am confident that you will find a room that we host very helpful and encourage everyone to join us and grow together!